The unknown girl Ruma is no more. In 1st August 2016, the girl was admitted in Chittagong Medical College as UNKNOWN. After four days she got her family. But her fate took her away from family once again, this time permanently. Yesterday (6th August 2016), she died at 06:35 PM while she was under treatment in hospital. In the before day she lost her leg in operation theater.

Poor Ruma was admitted in hospital as a road accident victim. Due to improper management and irresponsibility of doctors and nurses she didn’t get proper treatment in time. Nasar, the young volunteer and mechanical engineer, provided his heartfelt help to find her family and proper treatment. At last, after 19 days Ruma got her family. Her family told that, she was mentally sick and left the family 19 days ago.

To get her dead body without postmortem along with Nasar, many journalists, police officers and ambulance owner’s union officials provided their valuable support. At last, after proper process Ruma’s sister got her at 03:00 AM and started to their village.